Publish your websites for free using Git-Hub Pages!


If you want to host your static website, so that anyone can see it live then you can use Github Pages! It is an amazing feature available on GitHub.
All you need is a Github account which you can create by signing up at Follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Open on chrome or any other web browser and then click on the “+” icon on the top right corner. And then click on create a new repository.

Now, wait for a few minutes! Your website will be hosted at:


** If you do not upload anything, then by default README file will be hosted.

If you are unable to see your website rename your HTML file to index.html or you can view your website by altering the link like this:


** Replace {username} with your username.
** Replace {repository-name} with your repository name.
** Replace {filename} with your filename.
** Replace {extention} with the extension of your file. For eg- ‘.html’ in the case of website.

Isn’t it easy? Create a website, host it and show your work to the world! Hope this article helped you in some way! Thanks for reading.



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