Kick Start Google Assistant Actions in just 20 minutes without Coding

1. Create a Project

Firstly, Click this link and open the Action Console by clicking on the button present on the top right corner.

Action Console

2. Build an Action

Okay! Now we just need to fill in the content in a google sheet. A Template google sheet for Flashcards is given click on that.

development of the action

3. Test the Action

Now go to stimulator and test your app/action. It’s fun to test your app. If you want to change your Action’s content, first make the changes you need to your Google Sheet. Then, go to Build and then Actions and re-upload your updated sheet.

Testing your Action

4. Set an Invocation Name

For this Go to the Overview page for your project in the Actions Console. Under Quick setup, click Decide how your Action is invoked. Set the Display Name and Google Assistant voice and click Save. This name is shown to users in the Assistant Directory. Pick which voice you would like your Action to use.

6. Deploy your Actions

Okay! we have completed more than 50% of the process. Before publishing your Action, you need to provide information about your Action. This information shows up on your Assistant directory page. Go to the Overview page and then click on the “Enter information required for the Actions Directory”. Then enter the following:

I have also provided the links for the documentation of actions present on the official website. Kindly check them or comment below in case of any confusion.

additional information

6. Release your Action

Go to Overview > Release and then in Production, click on Create Release and at last, submit for review.

Releasing an Action

Thanks for reading my first post on Medium. Hope you like it. You can also check out my first Google Assistant Action i.e, Astro Fun. It is a Fun Quiz of Planets.



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