How to write a good file? ✨

Default README template for special Repository

What is a README file?

A README is a file that introduces and explains a project. So, for showcasing your projects a good file is very important. It also helps new contributors to start their open source journey.

How to create a Good one?

While creating a good file following points should be kept in mind:

  • Add Project Logos and Banner: Incorporating these in make it attractive and beautiful.
  • Badges: Badges make files cool. It helps users to grab certain things quickly.
  • Contributing Guidelines: Always mention contribution guidelines to encourage contributors.
  • Mention Project Details: Always mention project details like — Project Description, Inspirations, Frameworks/Languages Used, Features, Installation, References, etc.
  • Add Screenshots and Demo Videos or links: Try to give a glimpse of the project through Visuals and Graphics.
  • Try to use GIFs and Emojis 😉 : It makes files interesting, engaging and eye-catchy.
  • Use Markdown Syntax effectively: Make use of different formats available in markdown like lists, tables, quotes, code, etc.
  • Give Acknowledgments: Always acknowledge the contributors and authors who helped in your project in some or another way.
  • Create an Index: It is suggested for long files to make an index with internal links for easy navigation.

Some Useful Resources :

📝 Some examples of Good

💎 Guide to Markdown

🙌 Acknowledging Contributors

🌈 Design Tools (Tons of resources are listed here)

💻 Tools/Templates for Generating README

🔥 Badges

After getting the resources XD

Thank you for reading. Hope you liked the article and resources. Now, Go create a project with Awesome README files. 🎉
Do share the links in the comments... Would love to see them!




Tech Enthusiast | MAIT’23

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Aayushi Mittal

Aayushi Mittal

Tech Enthusiast | MAIT’23

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